Sunderland’s Adam Johnson Arrested – ‘Suspicion Of Sex With Underage Girl’

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~~  I’m going let you read that again…..

Nothing from Sunderland’s Twitter feed.  OR their official website.

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MLS Atlanta Hires Carlos Bocanegra as Club Technical Director

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A message from the newest member of #MLSAtlanta, Carlos Bocanegra.

A video posted by MLS Atlanta (@mlsatlanta2017) on

MLS Atlanta today announced the appointment of former U.S. Men’s National Team player Carlos Bocanegra as technical director of Major League Soccer’s 22nd team. He will join club President Darren Eales in April following his move from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

In this role Los and pres Darren Eales, will oversee day-to-day non-coaching operations of the first team, development and implementation of a worldwide scouting network and oversight of player wellness and rehabilitation. He’ll also oversee youth academy programs and serve as a liaison with MLS league officials on player regulations and other league rules.

More information and complete presser over at

* Well done all the way around. Great hire for the ATL. Great gig for Los. Congrats to everyone, and especially the 909 LEGEND Carlos Bocanegra!

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Jose Mourinho :: Squirts TV Camera With Water Bottle

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~~  If there are any questions as to why #TheSpecialOne breaks #TheInternets, here you go…. Jose Mourinho knows exactly what he’s doing the moment he leaves his house…… And we love him for it.

There’s no a single coach OR player (well, maybe #Swagotelli) that can touch this man…. ‘Back in your cage Wenger……’

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Maynor Figueroa Tackle On Stephen Ireland

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~~  Is there still a question for those ‘sports fans’ that think soccer is ‘soft’?

I’ve seen some TERRIBLE tackles over the years, but not too often do you see an unjury as awful as this…..

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Odell Beckham Jr, Lawrence Okoye, Menelik Watson and Eric Wood at Tottenham Training Center with Friedel and DeAndre

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Lawrence Okoye of the San Francisco 49ers shows off his skills whilst DeAndre Yedlin watches on. #COYS

A photo posted by Tottenham Hotspur (@spursofficial) on

The New York football Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr., who burst on the scene last year with an AMAZING one-handed catch last season, also burst on the soccer scene as bloggers and media alike found out that he was a former soccer player after his name started to ring out during the season.

As you may know, the NFL has been trying their absolute darn’dest to get the National Football League to expand to the UK with NFLUK, so they do town hall’s and fanfests during the off-season where they bring players overseas to speak to fans. This time around Beckham went with Lawrence Okye, Menelik Watson and Eric Wood.

Being a soccer head, it only makes sense that Beckham and crew would find a way to a pitch for some meet and greets and photo ops. Turns out, the NFL has a pretty good relationship with some teams and obviously there are Americans abroad playing in the Premier League. Here’s a few pics.

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Random Soccer in Random Places : Zillow

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zillow screen shot

This is truly a ‘Random Soccer in Random Places’ post because normally we can kind of walk back the soccer reference and it makes some sort of sense why it appears where it does. Normally, its just someone who is a supporter of the game, or a former player, or a celebrity that we wouldnt think is a fan wearing a jersey, but this one is kind of left., if you are not familiar is one of the few websites out there related to real estate that is absolutely changing the entire industry. But, its a real estate website. And this post was about what moves to make for someone who wants to figure out the price to sell their crib at. They used a soccer “game plan” instead of an American football game plan (which you would, or I would at least, figure). Awesome. *

* By the way, this random soccer thing isn’t just about shouting out celebs that are supporters and then tweeting it out so that we get a retweet and pageviews. It actually couldn’t be further from that. For us, I think there is a much deeper meaning to this. The ultimate, for me, is that this series of posts doesn’t even exist at some point because seeing soccer in the mainstream media with equal footing as other sports, or seeing jerseys and scarves around town as ubiquitously as I see basketball of baseball jerseys. What I think random soccer shows is that its a cultural thing and we are seeing soccer everywhere. I want it so that we don’t even notice it anymore… make sense?

* Good luck with that play by the way….

* I gave the link to their blog – they have awesome profiles on recently purchased celebrity cribs.

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Video :: U-17 MNT Wins 5-0 over Cuba : 2015 CONCACAF U-17 Championship

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The U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team got off to a strong start at the 2015 CONCACAF U-17 Championship, earning a 5-0 victory against Cuba in the Group A opener at Estadio Francisco Morazán.

Joe Gallardo scored three goals, Hugo Arellano and Alejandro Zendejas tallied in the first half, while Christian Pulisic and Luca de la Torre each provided two assists to lead the way for the USA.

Scoring Summary : USA – Hugo Arellano (Christian Pulisic) 5th minute; USA – Joe Gallardo (Christian Pulisic) 40′ ; USA – Alejandro Zendejas 43′; USA – Joe Gallardo (Luca de le Torre) 65′ ; USA – Joe Gallardo (Luca de la Torre) 88′

us u17 v cuba

Full match report available at US Soccer dot com

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Trailer Alert :: CR7 Footwear Teaser

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* This is a reeeeally interesting play to me. Athlete endorsement, usually, is either something that an athlete does with products that are closely related to what they do athletically like a drink, some sort of gear, sneakers OR its something that they just basically sign a contract to endorse and then they show up for commercial shoots and collect a check – think endorsing a pizza place, or money management services or an airline.

I think one of the first times that we really saw an athlete make a ton of money on a product collaboration was with George Foreman and the Foreman Grille. I’ve actually put some effort into researching that deal back in the day and although people thought that he was integral in the ideation and making of the grille, he actually just sold the rights to his name in perpetuity when it came to this commercial cooking product and then he did the 30 minute commercial program to sell it and associate his great personality with the product.* And, oh did it sell.

After that, we saw a lot of athletes beginning to have a deeper relationship with products, and we saw them starting to brand themselves and partner with products as opposed to just endorsing a product. We’ve seen that a lot over the last 10 years, but still, most of it is something closely related to sport. And its been a success, to varying degrees.

This, is different. But it makes sense, right? I think what we have noticed with a lot of the athletes in this generation is that fashion has become a large part of who they are. Branding has become a lot of what they do as they figure that its time for them to capitalize a lot more off the pitch, or the court, or the baseball diamond, etc.

Ronaldo, regardless of how you feel about tight pants and slim fitting shirts, has over the years undoubtedly become a fashion icon. Becks is a fashion icon. Russell Westbrook is a fashion icon. We could go on for days, there are a ton of guys. I tend to put basketball and soccer together a lot because for one, those are the two sports that I enjoy the most, but also the two sports are closely related in terms of play on the field. In addition to that, off the field, overall, the players of both sports have a lot of similarities as too. Basketball players and soccer players tend to have more exposure as to who they are and there is a certain kind of celebrity, that they have, that you dont see with baseball players and hockey players and American football players. There are some that stand out in other sports, but its not like soccer and basketball.

What is so interesting to me though, is that Cristiano is one of the few athletes / celebrities that has a truly global audience and fan base. Depending upon how the deal is structured and how many points he gets on the deal and how involved he is in the process and if he gets backend compensation or gets a piece of the company, this could be an absolute windfall for the guy. Its not like he is hurting for money, or ever will, but imaging if these boots (literally) are incredible? The prices arent for the feint of heart.

cr7 footwear 1

cr7 footwear 2

* I might be f**king with these driving mocs. I’m a sucker for a driving moc.

cr7 footwear 3

The lowest price point that I see is about $110 USD and the highest is a little more than $600 USD. Those are major league prices. Now, depending upon what the buyer base would be, I don’t know how many of the high end shoes he will sell. Can his partnership and endorsement with the footwear brand convince ages 14 – 20 to buy some CR7 footwear? No doubt. If I’m a kid and I need to have a pair of hard shoes for church, or weddings, or formal events and I can get some Floresheims or some shoes that are produced by C Ron, I’m definitely going to go with those.

But, you cannot tell me that my dad the attorney, who wears Bruno Maglis and Ferragamos, is going to throw down on some CR’s.

At the same time, you are never going to sell the most high end stuff all the time. Its like sizes in t-shirts. Yes, we will sell some smalls and some 2X’s, but the majority of shirts that we will sell, will be mediums and larges and a few XL’s.

At the same time, this is a long play. This, assuming that its a partnership, is something that will be around a lot longer than Cristiano will be playing and thats interesting to me. The shoes are made in Portugal as well; good touch to make it a hometown thing.

* To be more clear on the Foreman deal, he didn’t get upfront “endorsement” money. What he did was “sell” the rights of his name in exchange for around 40% of the profits from the products. FOREVER

George Foreman: Marketing Champ Of The World – Bloomberg

* Obviously I am making a ton of assumptions in how this is structured and if this is a partnership. To me, it just doesnt make sense for someone with such a global presence as CR to just endorse a product. If you look from Kobe, to Payton Manning, to LeBron James, to whomever that top tier talent is, they are no longer doing endorsement deals but rather partnering with a company to make something.

The other thing…. if this is some sort of partnership, how the hell is NIKE ok with this?

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