Liverpool Fans vs. Tom Hicks

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Feb 2, 2009


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A sign aimed at the club’s U.S. owners is seen at Liverpool’s English Premier League soccer match against Chelsea at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, England, Sunday Feb. 1, 2009. A group of Kuwaiti businessmen were at Anfield on Sunday with Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks to watch the match against Chelsea as the American searches for new investors.

There is no doubt that the Liverpool faithful are less than thrilled with ownership these days but apparently George Gillett has no idea why:

Earlier in the day, members of the Spirit Of Shankly (SOS) fans’ group converged on the Crowne Plaza hotel at the Pier Head where Gillett was staying.

Mr Gillett, who had earlier declined an opportunity to be interviewed by the ECHO, was clearly unprepared for their arrival as a number of supporters got past hotel security to confront him.

But after quickly recovering his composure, the Colorado-based businessman agreed to speak with to SOS spokesman Jay McKenna in the hotel foyer.

Mr McKenna said: “I told him all the fans who were outside and thousands more were angry and upset at how he and Tom Hicks were running the club.

“He looked shocked and asked me why. I told him he knew why, because he met Spirit Of Shankly before the Manchester United game.

“I said ‘fans see it as you have made three promises and broken them’. So he asked me what they were.

“The first one was the debt on the football club. I told him his partner Tom Hicks promised it would not be like the Glazer takeover at Manchester United, and to fans that meant no debt on the club.

“He claimed to be unaware and asked what I meant. I told him they had bought the club and then placed the debt for buying the club onto the club.

“He claimed this was at the ‘request of the banks’ and they were in a ‘sound financial position’ with ‘revenue per pound or dollar in ratio to the debt’ better than at any other football club.

Much more at The Livelpool Echo

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