Will Ferrell Joins Bear Grylles on “Man vs Wild”

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Apr 16, 2009


This will be “must see tv” at Casa De FC Uptown…

Story by AP

“Will Ferrell says it was a thrill to join adventurer Bear Grylls for an icy episode of Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild.”

The channel said Wednesday that Ferrell and series host Grylls spent two days in Sweden’s mountains and glaciers for a “Man vs. Wild” special.

With Grylls as his guide, Ferrell rappelled down frozen waterfalls, scavenged for food in the forest – including reindeer eyeballs – and improvised snow shoes from saplings.

Ferrell said being part of “Man vs. Wild” was the “thrill of a lifetime.” In turn, Grylls said he did an amazing job in unforgiving conditions.

The episode is set to air in early June, coinciding with the release of Ferrell’s new comedy-adventure film “Land of the Lost.””

Image via EW

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