Tiger Woods to take “Indefinite Break” from Professional Golf

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Dec 11, 2009


Here at the BP_TOW frathouse, just like everywhere else in the world, the Tiger Woods situation has been a topic of discussion. We’ve pretty much stayed out of the fray because in reality, its something between him, his family and an unlucky fire hydrant and tree that got in the way. There is some serious breaking news in the last hour or so though… Tiger has released this statement on his website:

“After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf,” Woods said. “I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.”

the rest of the statement after the jump…

“I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children,” Woods said. “I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.”



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