Landon Donovan Opens Up On Current David Beckham Relationship

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Jan 8, 2010

Landon Donovan US

You really didn’t think that US International Landon Donovan could do a loan stint in England with Everton and not face questions from the media about his current relationship with Los Angeles Galaxy and current AC Milan midfielder David Beckham did you?

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“Off the field I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last few years with everything that’s gone on and I’ve learnt a lot about David,” said Donovan, who spent a similar, albeit unsuccessful loan spell with Bayern Munich last year. “He’s a very humble, good human being. Unfortunately I didn’t give him a chance to show that. I had an idea of what he was like before he got here and that was unfair on my part.

“On the field he’s a fantastic soccer player and, for me, very suited to the way I play. I like to make runs and with someone like that who can pass the ball, it’s a very good combination. David is just so famous around the world, so sometimes you have expectations or ideas of what people are and you don’t give them a chance. I learnt a lot about myself in that way and David is just a good person and a good team-mate.”

Donovan revealed he received a text from Beckham shortly after England were drawn to meet the USA in South Africa this summer and believes that, even with the midfielder turning 35 in May, his team-mate can have an influence on the World Cup. “Absolutely he can,” said Donovan, who will be in the Everton squad for tomorrow’s game at Arsenal. “He played 76 minutes on Wednesday and was instrumental in a lot of important plays for AC Milan. In my opinion he’s a very good footballer and I can’t imagine him not being considered for a spot at least.”

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