FIFA 2010 World Cup Gets Official Rings

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May 7, 2010

At the instigation of Colombian jeweler Carlos Sotelo, the world’s biggest event is borrowing inspiration from America’s biggest events. For the first time ever, the World Cup will offer FIFA-sanctioned rings to the Cup’s MVP, and additional rings will be available to those willing to spend from $2,500 to $250,000 for gem-encrusted souvenirs.

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“Sotelo and 269 jewelers are currently setting the stones on 2,010 rings for the South African tournament. The most accessible will be the 1,970 rings in gold and silver, set with emeralds, offered for $2,500. Above that are 33 white gold rings, each with 36 emeralds and South African diamonds, that will go for $70,000 each. And at the top of the pyramid are seven platinum rings, each with 200 emeralds, that will set you back a quarter of a million dollars apiece.

Sotelo ultimately wants the entire winning team to be presented with official rings, as is done for winning players in the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Championship, but for this year one of the gold rings will be given to the World Cup’s most valuable player.”

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