Holland/Belgium Submit FIFA World Cup Bid

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May 14, 2010

The Holland/Belgium World Cup Bid delegation, including Ruud Gullit, Johan Cruyff, and co-chairmen Michael van Praag and Francois De Keersmaecker, arrive at FIFA House by bicycle.

The bicycle ride drew attention to the green ambitions of the World Cup 2018 bid.  The Environment Protection Plan gives center stage to optimised public transport and the planned donation of 2 million free bicycles.

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“Bid President Ruud Gullit said: “EURO2000 is a showcase for a profitable tournament and a successful standard for joint organisation. Today we offer FIFA all the ingredients for a great football fiesta with a lasting legacy. A guarantee for success.”

1. Success guaranteed
Thanks to our experience with and expertise in organising major football tournaments and sport events, we can guarantee a successful tournament to the world. A tournament with world-class football, a great atmosphere and a profitable outcome.

The Low Countries form a duality. We demonstrate that a joint candidacy is more than feasible – EURO2000 is the example. With this we are an example for all other countries that would like to host a FIFA World Cup together.

A compact tournament in the heart of Europe. The next match is never far away.

2. Added impetus for the springboard of football talent
The Low Countries have developed themselves into springboards for top talent and top coaches for the major European competitions and national teams around the world. The FIFA World Cup is a necessary stimulus for our national competitions, which enable us to remain strong springboards. We will offer the world an insight into how we do this.

3. All of our 14 FIFA World Cup stadiums are green and sustainable
We offer the world a toolkit for sustainable stadiums.

Thanks to newly developed guidance for sustainable stadiums, the HollandBelgium Bid is a pioneer in creating stadiums that are green beyond imagination. To ensure this, countless new concepts and techniques are being applied. Named the Sustainable Stadium Toolkit, we offer this to the football world.

4. Open Football Clubs as centres of our community
Commitment by the Low Countries to install 2.018 Open Football Clubs within eight years. The Open Football Clubs model will be made available to other countries.

The Low Countries enjoy a special club culture. We will use this to build a unique network of Open Football Clubs, which will operate as multifunctional centres in communities, villages and cities.

The basis of these new-style clubs is health, respect and education, thereby tackling relevant issues in society.

All existing social community initiatives, under the umbrella of the Open Football Club name, will receive an enormous boost by hosting the FIFA World Cup. This enables us to realise our ambition to install 2018 Open Football Clubs.

5. We educate 2018 WorldCoaches worldwide
Through a specially developed programme called WorldCoaches, the HollandBelgium Bid supports the education and development of trainers and other key figures within clubs in developing countries. Up to 2018 we can train 2018 coaches through WorldCoaches – a clear commitment by the HollandBelgium Bid.

World Coaches does not only focus on football skills, coaching and organisation, but also on the development of so-called life skills.

During a FIFA World Cup in the Low Countries we offer a special Train the Trainer programme, based on the World Coaches approach.

6. The most sustainable FIFA World Cup ever
Our compactness dramatically reduces the need for transport during the tournament. Together with a set of new eco-measurements, The HollandBelgium Bid guarantees a FIFA World Cup with an environmental impact that is 50% lower.

We have an Environment Protection Plan in place which gives centre stage to optimised public transport and 2 million free bicycles.

We have created a unique World Cup Ecological Footprint – a new method to measure the ecological impact of a major football event. Thanks to this instrument we know that we will ‘save’ 50% on the environment. We will offer this concept to FIFA.

7. World-class football in a great atmosphere

Football fans can expect a dream holiday when visiting a FIFA World Cup in the Low Countries. Fans can enjoy world-class football in a fantastic atmosphere which has so much to offer. Cities, beaches, culinary delights, shopping.”

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