Grantland’s “NBA-to-Global Football Support Translator” is spot on :: Chelsea = Lakers

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Grantland’s: “NBA-to-Global Football Support Translator”

THIS is everything! If you read TOW on the reg, and if you check out my twitter from time to time, you know that I support 1 nba team and 1 footy squad. The Los Angeles Lakers. and Chelsea. Thats it, thats the list. Its probably no secret that the NBA is my one true love, but, I have for the last few years been head over heels about soccer, so reading this translator on Grantland, I laughed reading the whole thing. The Lakers = Chelsea. Chelsea = the Lakers. Are the two squads that synonymous?

I honestly cant even tell you why I chose the Blues as the team I support. Maybe it had something to do with Didier’s ridiculous hair haircut situation. Maybe it was just that blue was my favorite colour. Maybe it was because they played soccer, the way I liked soccer being played. Maybe I just like the fact that they have a billionaire owner who will drop more than half a $billi on a yacht that doesn’t really work for him. But for some reason after I watched about a months worth of EPL games back in 2007, Chelsea was my squad, and it felt right… I guess I made the right choice.

This is how I roll !!!

Check out the full article, its pretty funny, and weigh in if it seems right to you.

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