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Jul 4, 2011

Nike has unveiled the match balls that will be used for the 2011-2012 season for the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. They feature what is apparently called Nike RaDaR technology which stands for Rapid Decisive and Response. This sounds more like the description you would hear for a SWAT Team or national defense system or something. But whatevs, it appears soccer balls have now evolved to the point where they have advanced technology and impressive lingo to describe them.

Further, through field and lab testing, the colors and graphics that are present apparently create an optimal visual cue for players on the field. And then there’s this..

“The micro-textured synthetic casing on the Nike Seitiro ball creates a golf ball dimple effect delivers confident accuracy and aerodynamic stability as airflow is equalized over the ball surface allowing players to have total control of the flight and movement of the ball. Geometric Precision and GEO II balanced technology distributes pressure around the ball for a 360 degree sweet spot for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike. Cross-linked Nitrogen-Expanded Foam, Nike claim this ball will offer exceptional shape retention and durability. The bladder consists of a six-wing carbon latex for explosive acceleration.”

I don’t really know what all of that means, but it sounds impressive and advanced and full of technology. But really, I just want to get out and kick it.

Check out the LA Liga and Serie A versions after the jump.


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