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Sep 18, 2011

Ever since we first started Bumpy Pitch there has been an internal conversation that has been incredibly important to us. An idea that has gone beyond the lifestyle angle we actively push, beyond the culture that we are a part of and beyond our dedication to be a forward thinking soccer brand. This idea is as much a part of our ethos as anything we do. Now we are finally getting the chance to put it into action.

We have been incredibly blessed because of the sport of soccer. We’ve made friends that have become family, got to travel to places we could have never imagined and ultimately have lived a better life because of the sport. With all the wonderful things soccer has given us, we have always maintained an incredible desire to give back to the sport. We talk a lot about being a part of the movement that helps move the needle forward. We actively do our best to make sure that we leave the sport in a better place than it was when we found it. And to do our part to give the next generation of soccer players a platform that many of us didn’t have growing up.

To further give back and hopefully leave a mark on the sport in as positive a way as possible, Bumpy Pitch is proud to introduce our latest initiative, the “32 Panels project.” The 32 Panels project is a simple retail campaign that will live on the Bumpy Pitch site and online store that aims to enhance the lives of kids around the world. Going forward, every product that is sold through will be matched by us, one for one, with a soccer ball which we will donate to children around the world.

We know that soccer is a global game, and that it’s reach and influence is great. We also know that as loved as the game is, there are countless kids who don’t have access to soccer balls and other basic equipment. We believe that our new “32 Panels project” will help enhance and enrich the lives of the next generation of soccer players and we are committed to doing our part to see this happen.

This is certainly a collaborative project between Bumpy Pitch and all of you that have supported us over the years. As a community connected through soccer, we believe that we can collectively leave an indelible mark not only on the game, but on the lives of kids all around the world. If any of you know of organizations that you feel could benefit from this initiative, please email us at contact [at] bumpypitch [dot] com so with information.

To celebrate this new launch, we are also releasing a t-shirt to mark the occasion. The graphic is inspired by the hexagon shape that is so closely associated with the sport, and especially with the patches of a soccer ball. Seemed fitting to us to do something that played off the idea of a soccer ball as a graphic in conjunction with the launch of the 32 Panels program that will hopefully see many soccer balls given out around the world. The shirt is now for sale at Bumpy Pitch.

And lastly, we want to say thank you to brands like Toms who have helped inspire us to get more involved and and play a more active role in giving back.

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