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Sep 21, 2011

I’m in NYC for a Nike event surrounding the launch of their new T90 Laser IV boot. With that in mind, there should be a fair amount of info getting posted about this new boot, the development and design behind it and what Nike has in mind for this particular boot. As always, I’m looking forward to what they present and the continued advancements in boot design.

I also love the fact that the sport is reaching that level here in the US where a boot launch is turned into such a big event. As someone who has geeked out on soccer cleats for years, and seen the way other performance products have been positioned (basketball sneakers are a good example), it is really exciting to see this kind of attention placed on soccer boots. Many of us could have only dreamed of this a few years back, so to be able to participate in events like this is a pretty cool experience.

Enough of me pontificating, hit the jump for some more images, more info and a video with Wayne Rooney.

The T90 Laser IV is a completely redesigned boot for the modern day striker who capitalizes on that one opportunity that comes his way during a game and buries the ball in the back of the net. Be it a long range screamer, close range effort or perfectly struck free-kick or penalty – they all count for this deadly finisher who lives and breathes to score goals.

Focused on adapting to the technical demands and movement of a highly mobile striker the new T90 Laser IV is 20% lighter than the previous version and features a streamlined silhouette that provides enhanced fit and feel on the ball. The forefoot area features a newly configured adaptive shield design and high performance synthetic leather upper for a soft and close to the foot feel.

To ensure a perfect strike of the ball, the reconfigured shooting and swerve zones on the instep of the boot are designed to flex naturally as the foot contacts with the ball, amplifying the natural benefits of the foot to strike the ball cleanly.

The key contact zones are broken up into flexible strips which enhance the natural power and accuracy of the foot while the swerve zone fins reduced in size and height allow a closer feel to the ball providing friction to curved shots. Finally, along the tongue and top of the boot, shape correction foam increases instep accuracy for a seamless strike of the ball.

Strikers make the most of tight spaces and rapid turns and feints to leave defenders on the back foot and the new T90 Laser IV features remodelled studs designed to maximize the speed of penetration and release on pitch without increasing stud pressure for the player.

Heel, medial, lateral and toe off edge traction combined with a more flexible plate also enhance agility and reduce slipping. With flexibility and movement key to the strikers success enhanced mid foot torsion creates a stiff power transfer from heel to toe creating a clean break from defenders to capitalize on scoring opportunities.

The T90 Laser IV debuts on pitch September 17th and is available at key retailers worldwide and online at beginning September 24th , 2011.

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