Brazilian sports minister Orlando Silva resigns to defend his honor while facing corruption allegations

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Oct 27, 2011

Brazilian sports minister Orlando Silva quits over corruption scandal

via wsj:

“Orlando Silva, Brazil’s sports minister, resigned on Wednesday amid a corruption probe that has roiled the scandal-plagued administration of President Dilma Rousseff and renewed concerns over Brazil’s preparations to host soccer’s World Cup and the Olympic Games later this decade. Mr. Silva, stepped down following allegations, disclosed in a Brazilian newsweekly this month, that public funds for ministry social projects were kicked back to the minister and numerous associates in exchange for contracts to carry out social programs.

According to the reports, he allegedly received money himself in the ministry parking lot and was aware of millions of dollars worth of similar payments to Communist Party colleagues. The party is part of a restive coalition that supports Ms. Rousseff’s ruling Workers Party in exchange for cabinet positions and other senior appointments.”

More on this story here at wsj :: image source

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