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Oct 30, 2011

What is LifeKraze

LifeKraze is an online community where people encourage each other to be active offline. It’s the competition you find in your favorite games. It’s the benefits of a loyalty program. It’s the lasting connections of a social network, built around a dedication to changing lives. It’s LifeKraze, and it’s a unique environment for motivation. It’s what you do that counts.”

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**One of the things that you may not know about LifeKraze, is that was started by Ben Wagner, David Nielson and Michael Brooks Jr., who are lifelong soccer guys. They all played ball through college and have found a way to keep up that competitive spirit and those motivational tactics that influenced their lives along the way.

Here at TOW obviously we have used the life lessons and sporting experiences that we all had and applied it to what we do, so whenever we see some guys out there doing the same, its cool to get a chance to rap with them, share some stories, and see what we can do to keep the movement moving forward.

I had a chance to talk with the guys from LifeKraze about where the idea came from, a little bit about their history and some of their favorite LifeKraze stories….

Find out a little bit more about LifeKraze and its founders after the jump…..

[TOW] Tell us a little bit about your playing days?

All three of us have some pretty significant accolades and achievements in the soccer world. Ben Wagner and David Nielson both played soccer at Covenant College in Georgia and I played at Clemson University; I was even named national player of the week my senior year, when I had one of the best games of my life, scoring 4 goals and having 1 assist vs. the #1 team in the nation (Maryland) [See above]. My freshman year we went to the final four, sophomore went to the sweet 16. So soccer has always been a huge part of my life and I wanted those feelings to carry over into business.

[TOW] So is that where LifeKraze originated from … or, in your words, what is LK all about?

Definitely. One of the main reasons we founded LifeKraze is because we lacked that team environment that was always there for us. Our team and coaches always provided us with encouragement and motivation, that helped us to achieve our goals and accomplish great things. When we graduated we lost that atmosphere and wanted to provide it to people on a larger scale, we wanted to be the team and coaches that were always in season and were always there.

“Welcome to LifeKraze” commercial

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“live like it counts”

** What Mashable is saying**

Mashable’s Take: What have you done? LifeKraze gives you 160 characters to answer that prompt. You can also add links, photos and videos as visual proof. Share your activities and accomplishments, big or small, and the community will reward you with Kraze Points — everyone gets 200 points to spread around each day — if they find your feats impressive.

The startup takes a simple approach to motivate users to lead more-active lifestyles. It scraps the logistics associated with pre-planning — goals, rules, restrictions and so forth — in favor of a positive reinforcement system that rewards users for a job well done, as judged by followers.

[TOW] So, how exactly does LK work?

The elevator pitch is simple: DO.POST.EARN. It say it all on the first page, just log in, then go out and live like it counts.

But going a little bit deeper, its really a social networking website and mobile app, where we give users 160 characters to post updates about their activities. An example would be competing in a triathlon or learning how to play the violin. Friends and followers of theirs can then award points at their discretion, up to 50 each. Once a user has a certain number of points, they are eligible for prizes, including things like bumper stickers and sporting equipment. [Rewards page for LK] LifeKraze is ad supported and free for users, who receive additional points when they view the ads.

Check out Wagner and Brooks tell the SXSW press about LifeKraze.

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[TOW] Thats a great idea. Really. What are some of the user activities that have caught your eye on the site

One that is aways cool is multiple couples both posting “I’m engaged” as accomplishments!

LifeKraze member (Katie Smith) completing P90X by using LifeKraze

The first time #hattrick was used was awesome!

Also, if you spend some time on the site, you see that the users are really having fun with it, making new connections and really finding different ways to motivate themselves and accomplish things that maybe they have alway wanted to do or never thought they could do, and thats awesome. Everyday people post things that we never imagined and LifeKraze is making social media, active. That in itself is an accomplishment.

We’re still beta testing the site but we already have over 20,000 users, and we’re looking to get more excited people to try it out!!

[TOW] Thanks for taking the time out to talk with us, we think the site and the movement is awesome… hopefully we can partner up down the road and find some creative collaboration with The Original Winger, Bumpy Pitch and LifeKraze. Congratulations on getting going, and much success to you guys!!

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