WPS News – WPS Board Of Governors Terminate magicJack Franchise

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Oct 28, 2011

WPS News – Board Of Govenors Terminate magicJack Franchise

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WPS has decided it can go without owner Dan Borislow, who bought a majority stake in the Freedom from Hendricks, moved the team to South Florida, renamed it after his core product magicJack, stocked it with world-class players, and clashed with the league throughout a tempestuous season.

With the termination of magicJack, a decision made by the WPS Board of Governors on Tuesday and announced Thursday, the league stands at five teams. That number could increase with expansion, or drop to four if the Boston Breakers are unable to finalize a deal to bring in new investors before the league goes through full-scale offseason roster shuffling.

League officials have been confident that Boston will return. The WPS had also expressed confidence about magicJack until this week, but the situations are totally different. The magicJack team had all the capital it needed, thanks to Borislow, but the owner could never get on the same page as his peers in the league.

The league’s new CEO, Jennifer O’Sullivan, was not available for comment Thursday.

magicJack owner Dan Borislow’s Official Statement after the Jump……..

magicJack Owner Dan Borislow’s Statement

I could not persuade most of the other Governors and the league for what I thought the priorities of the league should be.

1. The WPS should be subservient to the US WNT and do everything in it’s power to bring home Gold next year.

2. The teams should pay it’s best players a fair salary and something they can raise a family with. Anything less you should not be entitled to Division I status and this concerned me, particularly when the league can’t keep enough teams.

That being said, a disagreement like this is not grounds for termination. The league continues to cause permanent damage and now taken away our ability to even sell the franchise,all without due process.

magicJack and myself will do everything we can to help our Women bring home the Gold next year. Our priority has not and will not change.

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