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Nov 28, 2011

We are releasing our second collaboration with Nike and it seems like the perfect time to provide some insights into the inspiration behind the graphics. The first release was inspired by the rivalry between the MNT’s of the United States and Mexico, which happened to peak right around this year’s Gold Cup.

This current release takes a look at popular sports, teams and cities in the United States through the lens of the United States National Team jersey silhouette. For these we were given the opportunity to come up with graphics inspired by two teams in two different sports respectively. We opted for the Boston Celtics / Los Angeles Lakers rivalry in the NBA, and the Oakland Raiders ( re-imagined them from an LA perspective) and the NY Giants for the NFL.

As we set out to work on these graphics we tried to take the legacy of each team and city into account and pay homage to each of them. We designed for these teams with a more soccer specific aesthetic. As a soccer inspired company we had to put our own touch on these famous teams and designed what the logos may have looked like had these been soccer teams instead.

Hit the jump to check out some detailed images of the shirts and a deeper look into how we came up with the graphics.

The shirts are available at Bumpy Pitch, Nike and select retailers.

We’ll start with the Lakers v Celtics rivalry. This has to be one of the most iconic rivalries in American sports; an easy choice for us to want to work on. Add in the love we have for LA as a city, and the fact that Boston shares the name of one of the world’s most iconic soccer clubs, our efforts on the graphics play off of each of those ideas.

For the LA graphic we were inspired by the city and the legacy of the Lakers. The first thing we wanted to do was a crest that somehow spoke to the identity of the city. There are few things as “LA” as driving in traffic. Everyone in this city spends a ton of time in their car and on the freeway, so we took the shape of the California freeway sign to use as the shape of our crest.

When you think about the Lakers v Celtics rivalry, it’s difficult to not think back on the Magic v Bird era. The height of that rivalry was played out in the Great Western Forum here in Los Angeles. Before the Staples Center housed the purple and gold, The Forum was the home of the Lakers. There is one aspect of the Forum that I always will think of and it is these columns that hug the exterior of the stadium. So we played off of these columns and included them in the graphic which provide almost a bed for the words “Los Angeles” to sit on. The graphic is rounded out with our BPFC Crest and stars to represent the number of times the Lakers have won the NBA title.

For the Boston graphic we were inspired by a certain team from Glasgow and we wanted that to shine through. If you have ever googled Celtic you will find that there is a myriad of different shapes and styles that the search turns up. We took an obscure version of a Celtic to use as the centerpiece for the graphic. We set that against the classic green and white striping that all things Celtic remind us of and offset that with the soccer ball that we use in our BPFC Crest. Add Boston wrapped around the top, and the year the Boston Celtics were founded and the graphic is complete.

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