Victoria Beckham’s gold iPhone 4 is > my iPhone 4S.

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Nov 11, 2011

Victoria Beckham rocks a $33k iphone designed by Stuart Hughes

So I copped and iphone over the weekend, and now the entire bp_tow crew is officially iphone’d up. I thought I was a cool guy, “hey I have an iPhone,” I use instagram and everything, but check out how Vicky Becks gets down. She has an iphone too, but hers is made out of gold. and it cost more than my car. Fun times. Apparently this guy Stuart Hughes, over in the UK will all-gold-anything or all-platinum-anything, as long as you have the dough. Check out his site, he is doing some incredible stuff … I will say this though, the TOW custom case that I’m going to get made (not by this guy) will be better. As soon as its finished, I’ll post something….

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