Reports of a Shakira and Gerard Piqué Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

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“The video lasts about 15 minutes….it’s filmed with a cell phone, which I guess, belonged to Shakira’s employee who was at the helm of the boat that night. The images are not steady and it’s out of focus.”

That is what is being reported. Apparently / obviously this is a former employee of hers that is trying to get this tape out there. You know what… as much as I’ve wanted to see Shakira put in work (there are rumors of other tapes out there), I gotta say that ish like this makes me sick. Its one thing for Kim K to set up, film and put a flick out there when she is trying to get famous – but its a complete joke when you are a celebrity and you are paying a cat to do a job and that person takes advantage of their access to someone famous and does something like this on the sneak tip.

Hopefully, Gerard and Shak’s lawyers make this former employees life miserable, because you just cant do something like that. Why should this guy get a dime for doing something so shady.

Fortunately, there have been no offers yet and I hope none come to this jagoff. Scum of the earth I say.

On a lighter note, HuffPost Voces recently confirmed that Shakira and Pique are expecting a baby in January.

[Shakira, Pique sex tape being shopped]

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