Video :: Neymar’s latest in game dribbling exhibition and goal – This time against Coritiba FBC

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You know…. I struggle with putting up goals by Neymar. Sometimes when you see what he does to defenders and how he just slaloms through 3, 4 and 5 guys with ease, I think to myself, ‘who are these tomato cans that they pulled out the parking lot to play defense?” but then you realize, ‘wait, these guys are professionals too.”

Obviously he isn’t making these kinds of moves against the likes of Ashley Cole or Micah Evans or Phil Jones, but still. These guys ARE getting paid to play football…. But, as long as Neymar keeps finishing at impossible angles, I guess I will keep posting them….

Anyways, check out his latest work after the jump…..

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* From now he is no longer Neymar to me… I’m just going to start referring to him as “Control”

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