Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) To Invest in Celtic and Sign David Beckham?

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“I got a lot of interest in soccer. It’s not a new thing for hip hop stars to invest in sports teams but it is a new thing for hip hop stars to invest in soccer teams.”

After watching Celtic take down Barcelona recently, even though Snoop Lion didn’t watch the whole game, just the highlights, he feels that he might want to throw some money at the team and be a part of it. He was interviewed by The Daily Record, and he dropped some pretty nice sound bites that look as if he is seriously considering trying to become a part.

“I see how passionate Celtic fans are about their team and I could see myself making an investment if any of the board wanted to sell. I haven’t really thought how much. I don’t need to run a soccer club but enough of a percentage to get me on the board so I can be heard.”

Listening to Lion, you can see that he knows what he is talking about: “I like Samaras a lot. He looks like a proper athlete and is a pretty dangerous player. If we are to go far in Europe, he needs to play well.”

Another interesting thing that Snoop talks about, is potentially bringing his guy David Beckham to Celtic….

“I asked my man David about Celtic and he was like, ‘Yeah, teams don’t come much bigger’. I would try and sign him up for a season but he is pretty happy over here. LA is home for him and his family now – but I would have to at least make that offer to my boy.”

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