Manchester Derby Fans Get Rowdy. Rio Takes A Coin to the Face. Joe Hart Stops Pitch Invader. 9 Get Charged

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The Greater Manchester police have confirmed that nine people were charged in connection with Manchester derby trouble yesterday. Rio Ferdinand was struck by a coin that almost took his eye out and there was an idiot fan who tried to confront Rio on the pitch but ran into the human wall that is Joe Hart. That idiots name is Matthew Stott, he was was arrested and charged with pitch encroachment. He could now face a lifetime ban, despite an apology / confession he issued through his solicitor (lawyer). He has already had his season ticket removed for the rest of the season.

FA Chairman David Bernstein issued a statement and has condemned the incidents that took place during Sunday’s Manchester derby at the Etihad Stadium vowing to “stamp out” crowd issues at games.

Check out some video footage of all that went down at the Derby after the jump…..

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