“Chain Reaction” | Carolina Fontoura Alzaga | Handmade Portraits by ETSY feat. The Connect Series by @facarox

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I try and live my life in a way, that I am workng toward the evolution of humanity.

via ETSY on Vimeo

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga’s (facaro.etsy.com) social and political consciousness are reflected in the salvaged bicycle chandeliers she creates. The Connect Series consists of multiple chandeliers consisting of recycles bicycle parts.

You can make beautiful things out of unlikely materials.

* You would never think that some junked bike parts could turn into something so incredible. Hit the jump to get a hi-res pic of one of her creations and a video of her work.

Handmade Portraits: Chain Reaction from Etsy on Vimeo.

image via facaro.etsy.com

* I think I want to find this girls shop in LA and go check out some of her work in person.

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