A Pharrell Williams Conversation at Design Miami During Art Basel 2012 | @Pharrell

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“I was once asked what inspires me, and I always say, ‘that which doesn’t exist’ … I try to use the negative spaces that people overlook, to create from, because I think all the other things are just kind of overdone.”

Pharrell Williams discusses art and design with Craig Robins at Design Miami 2012. Kanye West makes an unexpected appearance during the Q&A, followed by a book signing for Pharrell’s “Places and Spaces I’ve Been.”

* This is a great interview if you are in to art and design and music and all things culture. Pharrell Williams, on of the most influential figures in music and design, for our generation has a conversation with Craig Robins a very influential figure in his own right that ranges from any and everything that you can imagine. Its based around his book, but more so the things that have inspired him to this point. He talks about colors, clothing, Hans Zimmer, sub modalities, prefabricated housing and some other totally random things. Great 45 minutes if you have the time.

Art Basel was founded by gallerists in 1970, Art Basel stages the world’s premier art shows for modern and contemporary works, sited in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong.

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