New Music :: “D’angelo Live” mixtape by Okay Player’s Sam Champ

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Jan 30, 2012

cover art by Jenn Kaye :: Spotted at

1. Fantastic Intro / 2. Brown Sugar / 3. Devil’s Pie / 4. Crisco / 5. Left & Right / 6. Chicken Grease / 7. Lady / 8. Left & Right (Reprise) / 9. Feel Like Making Love / 10. Can’t Hide Love / 11. Things You Do (Fall in Love) / 12. One Mo’ Gin / 13. Me and Those Dreaming Eyes of Mine / 14. S.D.M. / 15. Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Where do I start? First things first, just know that I am emphatically searching for a downloadable version of this mixtape, because this neeeeeeds to be in my iphone…. but until that day, I will have this post bookmarked. So, a lot of us know the story of the man called D’Angelo. and If you dont, just hit the interwebs and find out about him. But he was and still is a flat out musical genius who lost his way and stopped making music for a decade+. Well, he may have still been making music, but nothing that was released to the gen pop. His two studio albums: Brown Sugar. Voodoo. That’s it, thats the list. But even though he has had only two albums, and a lot of notable guest appearances, this music has touched whoooooole bunch of people. The way it is worded on wiki, is that he has been on sabbatical. There have been rumors of a return for so long, that I and a lot of people I know, weren’t convinced that his latest trek through Europe was really happening until we literally saw him walk on stage and start singing and playing the axe. (He scheduled 11 concerts in Europe from January 26th to February 12rd in London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenaghen, Amsterdam and Zurich.) After reading about the shows in Europe a couple of months ago, I was unsure, because a lot of times … comebacks can leave a lot to be desired, see one Lauren Hill, but its looking like the time off did D some good.

btw, Don’t you just love the age that we are in right now? There is already a ton of footage on youtube from the Jan 26 show he did last week in Stockholm.

Mr. Archer is back in the game, and this compilation by Sam Champ is so right where it needs to be. Shouts out to Designated Players TIAS and S. Francis for the facebook posts!! Shouts out to Sam Champ!! Shouts out to turning off my tv tonight and banging this mix tape back-to-back-to-back. Shouts out listening to this on a date this week!! Shouts out to D’Angelo getting rejuvenated. Shouts out to following Okay Player on twitter, waiting for North American dates being announced…

**The only think missing from this Live mixtape is Spanish Joint aka My favorite D’Angelo record ever!

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