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Feb 27, 2012

I headed to Phoenix last week with the Red Bull crew to take in the RBNY v Pumas game in downtown Phoenix. Perfect 80 degree weather in February highlighted why Phoenix was a great host city for the Reto Del Sol game.

We stayed in the same hotel as RBNY so we saw a bunch of the players and staff in and around the hotel. Everyone was telling us how much Thierry Henry and hung out in the lobby throughout the week, and that continued to be the case for the brief time we were there. I think it’s rad that a player like Henry would just lounge in the hotel lobby and take pics and say hi to everyone that came up to him. I really wanted to ask him about the fish tank, but that opportunity never presented itself. Here he is pre-game, with Josh and Jeffrey.

Hit the jump for more from Reto Del Sol.

Rafa Marquez and my new friend Vanessa.

These kids got to walk out with the players at the beginning of the game, and they got to spend their pre-game time hanging out in the Arizona Diamondbacks dugout. Not a bad night…

Official. Match. Ball.

This production truck was located just outside the media entrance. Anytime I see this many bobs and buttons I have an overwhelming desire to start pushing and turning. And what’s up with that phone? Seriously strapped down. Apparently they DO NOT want you using this phone.

I hung out down on the field for a little while to take in some of the action up close and get some snaps from field level. I turned around at one point to get an obligatory crowd shot and as soon I took it I sensed that it seemed super staged. Then, when I downloaded the pics and looked at this one, it seemed waaaay staged. I don’t know why it worked out that way, but this pic just feels like it should be a “stock image” when you need to use a picture of a soccer crowd. Boooo on me…

It’s spring training time and that means Phoenix is home to a whole lot of MLB teams. Some players and staff  from the Milwaukee Brewers stopped by the suite to take in the game. Craig Counsell was among them.


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