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Feb 8, 2012

FC St. Pauli. Where to start with this one of a kind sports club? I guess we’ll start with the club itself. Although they feature a professional soccer team, and this focuses in mostly on that, the club also features rugby, American football, bowling, chess, cycling, skittles (read up on that), softball and ping pong. So they truly are a pretty all encompassing sporting club. But we are going to focus in on the soccer side of things and the teams supporters.

Founded in 1910, St. Pauli really is about more than just the team or the sport. They have a fundamental belief in social activism and have stood on the right side of some of the bigger societal issues that we face. This social activism is fundamental to the club and the supporters and they have made sure this is a part of the ethos of the club.

St. Pauli was “the first club in Germany to ban right-wing activities and displays in their stadium at a time when fascist-inspired football hooligans threatened the game in Europe.” The supporters of St. Pauli have taken a stance against such things as racism, sexism, fascism and homophobia. In an era where racism and homophobia are invading the sport, the ethos of a supporters club standing firmly against these types of behavior are something to be applauded.

Beyond just social activism, the club and its supporters have also been involved in charity work. They set up Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, which among other things, collects money for water dispensers in schools in Cuba and clean water for Rwanda.

Clearly culture reigns supreme with St. Pauli and its supporters.

With that being said, we have long been inspired by the club and what they stand for and have had an idea to do a St. Pauli inspired shirt for awhile. And now that time has come. The most iconic imagery that you will find for St. Pauli is the skull and crossbones. This has been adopted by the supporters and it is present in just about all things St. Pauli. So we decided to keep things consistent and stick with that imagery, but we flipped it up our own way and gave the graphic a Bumpy Pitch feel.

We always talk about the culture of the sport, and this graphic is certainly inspired by that.

Signature BPFC poplin label.

Proudly designed, constructed, printed and finished right here in the USA. Made in America matters.

Available exclusively at Bumpy Pitch.

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