Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation On Misplaced Haiti Earthquake Money – ‘Sadly Mr Warner Seems Disinclined To Comply With Our Repeated Requests’

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Feb 16, 2012

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The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation has been made aware of articles which originated in the Sunday Times and subsequently published on local websites and the national press, on the passage of funds destined for Haiti’s Football Federation, through our account.

The TTFF acknowledges it is aware of funds made available by both FIFA and the Korean football federation for the football victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010.

However, we are unable to confirm the quantum of funds received, as these monies did not go into the account used by the TTFF administration for its day to day operations, but instead to the TTFF’s LOC. Account as was requested by Mr. Jack Warner, the former vice president of FIFA and special advisor to the TTFF

More on T&T Football Federation / Jack Warner and the Missing Money for Haiti after the Jump……

The current executive is unaware of how these funds were disbursed or utilised and is awaiting the promised audited accounts from Mr. Warner.

The TTFF realises the final responsibility for any account in its name lies with us, but confesses that it surrendered it’s authority to Mr Warner, who has been for more than three decades a larger than life figure in national and international football and was a trusted agent and member of our organisation. We never questioned his authority or actions and are now in a position of despair as we are starved of funds by FIFA until full disclosure, which we are unable to provide without Mr. Warner’s input. Sadly Mr Warner seems disinclined to comply with our repeated requests.

The TTFF will continue trying to resolve these serious issues and asks for even greater tolerance from the football loving public. We also will continue to run our domestic and national programmes, including our National Under 23 Olympic Team and Women’s Under 17 team, with the support of our dedicated team of coaches, team managers, technical director, marketing and events unit and our sponsors, inclusive of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, most of whom have pledged continuing support for the sport.

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