Video :: Alex Morgan x Sports Illustrated Body Paint Swimsuit [Behind the Scenes]

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Feb 14, 2012

We saw the teaser pics out over the weekend, we saw the cover photo and video today as the SI Swimsuit Edition dropped, and now we have the behind the scenes video of Alex Morgan’s body paint swimsuit….. You’re Welcome!

Check it out after the jump …..

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*BTW, the sequence from about 1m-1.15m might be the best of this whole video. I always thought Alex was a cutie, but when she is sitting in that chair getting her makeup done, she is a bonifide smokeshow…. and then at the 1.05m mark, we can see that she is really fit.

**BTW 2.0 – Who is the airbrush guy, and how the f* did he get this gig??? This is the kind of stuff they don’t tell you at career day in high school….

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