Video :: Roberto Carlos’ Free Kick vs France – In Honor Of His 39th Birthday

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Apr 10, 2012

In honor of Roberto Carlos turning 39 years old today, I thought it was only fitting to go back to one of the best free kick’s ever scored….

via his Wikipedia page

‘He is especially famous for a free kick against France in the inaugural match of Tournoi de France 1997 on 3 June 1997. He shot from 35 m (115 ft) from the centre-right channel, and scored. The ball curved so much that the ball boy 10 yards to the right ducked instinctively, thinking that the ball would hit him. Instead, it eventually curled back on target, much to the surprise of goalkeeper Fabien Barthez, who just stood in place. In 2010, a team of French scientists produced a paper explaining the trajectory of the ball.

Check out Roberto Carlos’ RIDICULOUS Free Kick vs France after the Jump…….

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