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May 7, 2012

from five four clothing [dot] com

Five Four Club (linkage) is a subscription e-commerce offering that provides men with a complete, easy solution for shopping without the hassle of visiting stores, scouting merchandise, etc.

* So, every once in a while I see an idea, and in my head I’m like, “yeah, there is a reason those cats are going to make it. Thats a brilliant f*ing idea.”

But when I say that, I’m not thinking about something super complicated, like how google figured out an algorithm that knows my life. Not even something like twitter, that is a pretty simple concept (especially coming after Facebook) but the execution is brilliant. Im talking about simple ideas, that are definitely clever, but are something that you know is needed life but you haven’t really been able to sort out in your head how to make it happen, or you don’t have the bandwidth to do it. I’m talking about something like the guys at apple who came up with the magnetic connection for your laptop charger. Or the person who said, maybe its a good idea to start making carpet in squares that you can put together or take apart if you spill something, rather than having to lay down a whole new row of carpet. These are brilliant ideas to me, and the guys that came up with them and executed, deserve to reap the rewards.

Sooooo, what the hell does any of that have to do with Club Five Four? It doesn’t really, unless you think about how awesome it would be to have a subscription based clothing service for a little bit of bread each month, that sends you new gear in the mail without you having to go to the mall to get new fits.

I think that this is an amazing f*ing idea. There is no doubt that these cats are fam and we have seen their growth, pretty much since the beginning – but this isn’t a homey post at all. This is a, ‘thats a dope idea, and the BP_TOW fam should know about this” post. All that being said, there is a reason that they went from making a couple of t-shirts a few years back into the full fledged clothing company that they re now, the guys behind FF are on their shit! and they are good at what they do.

** The best part about it, is that this isn’t some gimmicky marketing trick to get rid of dead stock or shitty clothes, because the gear is dope. Been a fan of Five Four for a minute and this is pretty impressive.

Anyway, enough about that, the description from 5 / 4 above gives you the basic idea, but hit the jump and check out an intro video showing how it works. Then go to the website and sign up….

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