Video :: Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with CNN: Thinks he is better than Lionel Messi

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May 18, 2012

Is Cristiano Ronaldo better than Messi? He certainly thinks so.

“Some people say I’m better, other people say it’s him, but at the end of the day, they’re going to decide who is the best player,” Ronaldo told CNN’s Pedro Pinto in an exclusive interview before this weekend’s Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea at Munich’s Allianz Arena.

“At the moment … I think it is me.”

* If there is one thing that we know, its that Cristiano DOES NOT lack confidence. Confidence in himself, confidence in his mates, confidence in his teams. That swag is on full display in this interview as he talks about Real’s dominance over Barca this season, how much he likes Jose Mourinho and thinks he is the best manager, and then he gets into the Cristiano v. Messi thing. He says he is tired of being compared to each other… but he feels they push each other but you cannot compare the two:

“You cannot compare a Ferrari with a Porsche. They are different engines.”

** A man has to be reeeeal confident to get away with that salad…

Check out the interview after the jump…..

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