Bumpy Pitch x Branden Steineckert – Believe

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Jul 4, 2012

Bumpy Pitch x Branden Steineckert – Believe

A number of months ago we got hip to a project that Real Salt Lake season ticket holder and Rancid drummer, Branden Steineckert, had been working on. It was a song that he had written for fans of RSL and the club that he is passionate about. If you haven’t heard the song, and or seen the video that Branden put together, then click here to check it out.

When I first posted his video I mentioned the DIY ethos of the song and the video and how much we appreciated that. Not only is it something we have done since the beginning of our own journey with Bumpy Pitch and TOW, but we also think that mentality is pretty important for fans of soccer in the US. We can’t wait around for others to build and support the game, it’s something that each of us has to do on our own. No one is going to do it for us.

Anyway, I digress. After seeing this video we felt it was the perfect opportunity to work on something collectively with Branden. We had a conversation with Branden, and it was clear we were all on the same page with this and had similar ideas about creating a graphic t-shirt that supported his song, video and passion. From very early on it was evident that there were certain elements that needed to be represented in the graphic. Key components that were important to Branden. Things that represented his passion for the club and for the city of Salt Lake. So it came down to figuring out how to get those elements to work together and to tell the story that this graphic was meant to convey.

If you want to see the process of creating the graphic, hit the jump for images of the process and an explanation.

It seems that every brand out there is collaborating with some other brand, artist, musician, etc these days. And collaborations can be great. But often times they are much more difficult to pull off and make successful. People have different ideas. They want to go in different directions. There can be a lack of vibe with the work. There can be a lot of reasons for a colab not to work, but working with Branden was completely the opposite. He had clear ideas of what he was looking for and we came up with the concept pretty quickly. His creative vision along the way was amazing and we always seemed to settle on liking the same elements and making changes where they needed to be made.

With this one, I figured it would be cool to show the different iterations we went through in getting this graphic finalized. We always knew there were a few key elements that needed to be in the graphic. First and foremost we wanted to play off  Leo the Lion, that is the mascot of RSL. But we wanted the mascot to have an attitude. He needed to be fearless. he needed to be regal. We also wanted to incorporate the Salt Lake skyline. And finally, the graphic had to pay tribute to the song that Branden wrote for RSL. So “Believe” had to be present as well. Those were sort of the three initial elements that we wanted to see in the graphic and build around. This was the initial graphic that we started things with.


The first iteration of a graphic is very rarely the final product. There were some things we liked about this one, but we knew the lion needed some work done. Version 2 looked like this..

After version 2, it was clear we needed to give this a different feel while keeping the core elements. We ended up stumbling across a different looking lion that immediately inspired us to change directions with the look of the big cat. Plus the skyline needed to come more to the front and have a more prominent feel to it. So then we ended up with version 3.

Now we started to feel like we were getting closer to where we wanted to be. But the half circle that was prevalent in the first two versions was gone. We needed that in there. That represented the midfield circle to us and it helped give the look greater balance. So that had to be back in. Plus, this whole graphic was about the song so we wanted to get some of the lyrics embedded in the graphic. Next up, version 4..

I think at this point we were happy with where the main elements of the graphic were, but the lyrics needed to be done right. It didn’t feel right to just put them under the graphic.  So off to a new layout for the lyrics.

We didn’t want there to be an all over print with the lyrics, so we decided to try and make them more tonal with the shirt and place them inside the “midfield circle.” Kind of imagine that the lyrics to this song are printed inside the midfield at Rio Tinto. Not overly loud and prominent, but always there. And with that, we present you the final version of the Bumpy Pitch x Branden Steineckert “Believe” t-shirt.

Going back to that idea of the DIY ethos and how important that is for soccer in the US to grow, that we as American soccer fans need to continue moving the needle to see the sport we love grow domestically. It seems even more fitting that we are releasing this on the most American of all holidays. American attitude and ingenuity. Plus as usual 100% made in the USA. We never intended for it to work out that way, but I’m glad that it did.

This shirt is available in the Bumpy Pitch online store and at the Real Salt Lake team store at Rio Tinto stadium.


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