Emmanuel Adebayor was at the Red Bull New York v. Philadelphia Union game

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Jul 21, 2012

Emmanuel Adebayor was at the Red Bull New York v. Philadelphia Union game

via mls on youtube:

“Emmanuel Adebayor takes in a MLS match between the Philadelphia Union and ex-Arsenal teammate Thierry Henry’s New York Red Bulls.”

* As I said on instagram and twitter…. I like everything about this situation here. His watch game is right on time. His jesus piece is bright and shiny. His WAG is looking real, REAL, good. But I don’t know who she is… I need more information.

** Total random thought, from the mind of S. (I really wonder about random things, if you only knew) **

Here is one… so Adebayor is presumably visiting his boy Henry right? They go way back and played together and he showed up in a box seat at RBArena. So, when you have dough like that, and assuming that he doesn’t have a place in New York, do you crash at your boy Thierry crib, or do you get a hotel room? I know he has crazy bread and can afford a room in New York, but I’m sure Henry has a phat crib and I’m sure there is more than enough room for a visitor or two. Its always better to stay with friends when you come into their town as opposed to getting a hotel room, right? I need to meet some really rich people and ask them.

Anyways, hit the jump if you want to see some video of EA chillin in the box suites watching an MLS game……

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