FIFA World Rankings 2012 :: Spain Remains at #1 – #USMNT at 36 – [Updated July 4]

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Jul 6, 2012

FIFA World Rankings 2012 :: Spain Remains at #1 – #USMNT at 36 – [Updated July 4]

1. Spain
2. Germany
3. Uruguay
4. England
5. Portugal

Obviously there is no debating the number one team in the world right now, and Spain rightfully keeps the top spot.

With impressive showings at the European Championships, Germany, England, Portugal and Italy all improved their standings by at least 1 position. Uruguay switched positions with Germany.

The story of these rankings has to be the Netherlands and Brazil dropping 4 spots and 6 spots respectively, with Brazil all the way out of the top 10, landing at 11. You knew Holland wasn’t going to like the rankings after their performance in the tournament, they fell 4 spots and are currently 8th.

With Brazil falling from the top 10, Italy catapulted themselves 6 places and are knocking on the door of top 5.

** USMNT falls a few positions to 36th

Full rankings at fifa [dot] com

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