Video :: That Time When David Beckham surprised Team GB supporters in a photo booth | #TakeTheStage

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Jul 25, 2012

Video :: That Time When David Beckham surprised Team GB supporters in a photo booth | #TakeTheStage

* Say what you want about Becks, but you gotta love this guy for some of the things he does. Now, obviously this was setup by PR people, most celebrity appearances are, but the way that he embraces his celebrity is one of the things that makes his star shine as bright as anyone ever has. I think Taylor Twellman said it best during tonights all star game that people just don’t realize what this guy goes through just being who he is. The miles he flies, the effort he always puts forth, and he’s always just smiling and being Becks. There is no doubt that he makes a ton of jack, but thats even more reason why I like the guy… when you get to that level and you are worth a couple hundred stacks, you don’t need to do stuff like this. Sure he flies around in pi’s all day. and his wife is an absolute smoke, but he just goes around like a regular dude. and for what its worth, he pretty much is. This is must see video. David Beckham.

The surprise of a lifetime was unveiled at Westfield Stratford City as adidas brought astonished shoppers face to face with global icon David Beckham.

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I’ve watched this video like 5 times in the last 10 minutes. That moment with the little dude who can’t even control himself… priceless. This is something that he will remember for the rest of his life. Literally. I love that the kids mom is just like, “David Beckham, eh?” That says it all….

* This is BP_TOW … whats up with the salt and pepper chicks (1 blonde, 1 brunette) at the 23s mark and the 1.14m mark …. hey now!

** How the F*CK do they leave this guy off the team? C’mon Stuart, you’re better than that.

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