Video :: A Tribute to “little BANGALORE” | An Awesome Tilt Shift double time DocuMini from @1DFilms

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Aug 24, 2012

Video :: A Tribute to “little BANGALORE” | An Awesome Tilt Shift double time DocuMini from @1DFilms

1st December Studios presents “little Bangladore”

“Every great city in the world has a story that has been passed down the ages. The garden city of India is one such city. A home to countless people from all over the country, making a lifetime of memories. It may not be the best city in the world, but the spirit of its people is unmatched.”

This film, directed by Atul Kattukaran is 1st December Studios take on the Bangalore they have grown to love. A tribute to the city and its people. This is the story of our ‘little Bangalore’.

* I love videos like this… I was randomly checking out vimeo and saw this in the staff picks. This one caught my eye because the title image is of a pitch with some players hanging out kicking the ball around, so I was intrigued … I clicked play. What I didnt expect was to get a nice Anthony Bourdain style tour of the city. There isn’t any long form narration, just a nice soundtrack and some creative imaging. We all love tilt shift and the video pretty much looks like a 5 minute instagram video… Well done guys!

Check out the video after the jump……

Great ending by the way…. you werent expecting that were you?

D.O.P. Anup J Kat | Music: Rahull Raut

Team 1st December:

Mario Jerome | Neil D’ souza | Shonali Mani | Claude Loren | Vinay Jain

Special Thanks:

Vinay Jain (our little inspiration) | Mr. Sudesh Pai ( 13th floor Restaurant ) | Mark Swaroop | RJ. Anjaan | RJ. Meghna | Sylvester Pradeep |Saleem Dawood ( Monarch ) | George Seemon | Vinay ( The kid ) | JWT Bangalore

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