Video :: Benfica Captain Luisao Knocks Referee Down During Preseason Friendly vs Fortuna Dusseldorf – Match Abandoned

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Aug 12, 2012

Video :: Benfica Captain Luisao Knocks Referee Down During Preseason Friendly vs Fortuna Dusseldorf  – Match Abandoned

~~ I’m not sure what’s worse…. The fact that Luisao probably just got himself banned by UEFA for a decent stretch for putting his hands on a referee or that the ref Christian Fischer was DOWN FOR THE COUNT and not moving like he got decked.

via DailyMail

Portuguese giants Benfica will be reported to UEFA after their captain Luisao floored the referee in their friendly match against Fortuna Dusseldorf on Saturday.

The game was stopped after the first-half incident which saw the Brazilian international confront official Christian Fischer following a late tackle from team-mate midfielder Javi Garcia.

Benfica later denounced Fischer’s fall as a ‘lamentable display of theatre’ on their official website, but Fortuna president Peter Frymuth said he hoped the club are ‘severely punished’.

Check out the Video of Luisao Knocking Down A Referee During A Friendly after the Jump……

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‘I’m shocked. I’ve been in football for many years and have never seen anything like it. I do not understand that players from a team with the reputation of Benfica, a team that play in the Champions League, have such an attitude,’ Frymuth told A Bola.

‘Let’s get help from the German federation and talk with UEFA about Luisao, and about what other players of Benfica did. I hope they are severely punished.

Fischer refused to restart the friendly – which was goalless at the time of the incident – because of ‘the behaviour of the players of Benfica’, but Luisao has maintained his innocence.

‘I was surprised. I did not make any move of aggression. I tried to be ahead of my colleagues and I saw the referee fall. I tried to talk to the assistants still on the pitch to explain my intention,’ the defender told Record.

‘I do not fear anything. I have a clear conscience and I will continue with my work.’


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