Mousa Dembele Interview

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Sep 20, 2012

Mousa Dembele Interview

Clint Dempsey wasn’t the only player that left Fulham for Spurs recently. Mousa Dembele also made the move across London, and here is an interview where he talks about settling in at Tottenham,comparisons to Luka Modric and why he wants Clint Dempsey in any team he plays on.

How have you settled in at Tottenham Hotspur?
I am very happy to play for Spurs now. It’s a very big club and a very good team as well. The squad is full of nice guys. They make me comfortable here so I am happy.

Is it a lot different to Fulham?
It’s difficult to tell. I have just been here a few weeks but there is a lot of quality in the team, we are a very good team

How important was that first win last weekend against Reading?
It was very important. It takes a bit of pressure off us. I think it’s not easy the game we played. I think it was a good team we played against. It’s very positive. We have a better spirit in the team. From now on I think we can do something. I think there is a lot of positive spirit in the group. I think everyone put a lot of energy in that game and we have a lot of positive energy now. I think we can do something now

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How important is the Europa League?
It’s a very important competition for us. There are some good teams in this league so I think everyone is very ambitious to do something, yeah.

Who do you view as the biggest threat in the group?
Lazio is a big team I think and Panathanaikos will be difficult, all three will be but these two games are very difficult.

Do you think the squad is equipped now the rest of the season?
If you see all these players, they are all very good. I was surprised about how good they were in training. I have the confidence to do something in this league you know.

Your Fulham teammate Clint Dempsey has joined you here.  How important will he be?
I know Clint three years now. He has always been very important for me and for the team I played in. He can make the difference for any team. He can score anytime. I am very happy to have him in my team.

Jermain Defoe is in fine form right now, how highly do you rate him?
I think he is a very good player to have as a striker. Always dangerous. He loves to score. You can see he loves to shoot. I am happy to have him in my team.

What has impressed you most about Tottenham since you started here?
If you see all these guys, they are all very talented. A lot of them are young so there is a lot of potential in this team as well. I think they are already very good and can be even better so I am excited to see this.

Have you set yourself any personal targets?
I don’t think like this. Personally, I want to do a good season with the team. I didn’t know the team very well [before I joined] but now I can see we have a very strong side and that we can do something in every competition. I know last year I played two times against Tottenham. They were a very good side and that’s why I wanted to come here as well.

There were reports of other teams being interested in you including Real Madrid and Manchester United.  What made you choose Spurs?
There were a few teams interested in me, and from the beginning I said there were two teams whose style interested me – and one of them was Tottenham.  When they came in for me, I had no doubts about coming here. Everything about the package suited me.

There appears to be an influx of Belgian footballers in the Premier League right now.  Why do you think this is?
I don’t know. Last year I said to my team-mates I hope the whole team is in the Premier League, and now there are three or four more players here! Everybody is doing really well here and I’m really proud of this. When you play against any other team where there is a Belgian, you want to win. I’m looking forward to playing against Eden Hazard and Fellaini, these guys, of course. It’s nice to win these games.

How do you feel when people compare you to Luka Modric?
I don’t think like this. If you ask me who was the best player here last year I would say Modric was top three. I’m a big fan of him but he has other qualities than me. I’m not going to look how he played. I’m going to play my own game.

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