Chicago Fire x Bumpy Pitch – 15th Anniversary T-Shirt

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Oct 1, 2012

Chicago Fire x Bumpy Pitch – 15th Anniversary T-Shirt

This is a very important time for the Chicago Fire. The club is celebrating their 15th anniversary, and we wanted to help them do that in style. To celebrate this monumental occasion, we worked with the good folks at the Fire on a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate their 15 years of existence which you can see Chris Rolfe wearing above. I would tell you all about the graphic and the inspiration behind it, but instead I will leave it to the folks from the Fire to explain it much more eloquently than I ever could.

“With the 15th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire coming up on Wednesday (the match) and Monday (the date proper) the Fire has collaborated with Bumpy Pitch to create a Chicago Fire themed shirt that represents the history of soccer and Chicago in a unique way. The Municipal Device shirt will retail for $30 in the Chicago Fire Fan shop and online at with $5 benefitting the Chicago Fire Foundation.

While the 1871 at the bottom of the shirt is an obvious nod to the Great Chicago Fire (and, well, the club’s name) not as much is known about the Y-shaped municipal device, an often overlooked and mostly forgotten piece of Chicago Civic Pride. Below I wax poetic about the municipal device and what this t-shirt means to me.

The Chicago River weaves along the wings of the urban landscape, dodging the looming steel towers and keeping composure as it splits to hug both sides of Goose Island. The deft waters feint past defending bridges, quickening pace when the terrain declines. The North Branch does not hesitate as it approaches the Loop, diving headfirst into the westward Main Stem of the river, deflecting south, flowing as one.

In commemoration of the iconic river intersection, Chicago created the municipal device – a Y-shaped symbol representing the three branches converging at Wolf Point. The mark, embedded throughout the architecture of Chicago, is subtly engrained throughout the city – on the cornerstones of civic buildings, the undersides of bridges and etched into the consciousness along Navy Pier. Although it began as a simple show of two waterways uniting, its meaning has transformed in today’s Chicago.

Over the last 200 years, waves of immigrants have splashed upon the shores inhabiting Chicago’s many neighborhoods. On summer evenings, communities spread cultural pride as street festivals fill the lakefront air. Just as two branches of the river come from wide expanses to join together, the citizens of this city, representing four stars and one badge, become one under the Chicago name.

Congratulations to everyone at the Fire – past, present and future. Here’s to another amazing 15 years!

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