Pharrell Williams Interviews Ben Mezrich + Andy Greenberg on ARTIST TLK | @ReserveChannel

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Nov 10, 2012

Pharrell Williams Interviews Ben Mezrich + Andy Greenberg on ARTIST TLK | @ReserveChannel

Investigative writers Ben Mezrich ( The Accidental Billionaires & Bringing Down The House) and Andy Greenberg (This Machine Kills) sit down with Pharrell Williams to discuss their craft. The trio covers a wide range of interesting topics including MIT gambling rings, Mark Zuckerberg, Julian Assange, and Anonymous.

Interesting discussion between the three of these guys. We all know the stories of the people they write about, but they know the people, and its interesting to hear their perspective on them, after the fact of writing the book about them and what they do. Both writers do a great job of remaining impartial in their work and just delivering the story, but obviously its human nature to have an opinion on the subject matter and the people involved. I like that they get a chance to express a lot of that here with the direction of Pharrell… and oh by the way, I’m not mad at the assistant that comes in during the interview to refresh the beverages….. shouts out to her.

Check out the interview and some random info after the jump……

“ARTST TLK” is a progressive take on the talk show format, with Pharrell Williams inviting special guests – culled from a number of different creative sectors – to explore each other’s work, motivations, inspirations and philosophies at different stages of their career.

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Ben Mezrich @benmezrich is an author from Princeton, New Jersey who graduated magna-cum-laude from Harvard University in 1991 and is best known for his first non-fiction work, Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions which turned into the movie 21 as well as an even more famous production written about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, called The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal that turn into the movie The Social Network.

Andy Greenberg @a_greenberg is a technology, privacy, and information security reporter and most recently the author of the book This Machine Kills Secrets, a chronicle of the history and future of information leaks, from the Pentagon Papers to WikiLeaks and beyond. He’s covered the hacker beat for Forbes since 2007, with frequent detours into digital miscellania like switches, servers, supercomputers, search, e-books, online censorship, robots, and China.

Reserve Channel is an original YouTube channel that provides access to the world’s most extraordinary people and places and it might be my new favorite channel on the internet. I shot over to the Reserve Channel Facebook Page and looked at some of the profiles of shows and personalities they have available and its almost like I was consulted on how to build something for me to watch. They have a show with Eric Ripert*, Tom Colicchio fishing (first episode I saw is him catching shark), Pharrell doing this Artist Tlk thing, a health show (to which the first episode I saw is titled “Health Benefits of Orgasms with Dr. Belisa) a travel and leisure show where they spend time with EX-PATS… I will be watching a lot of this youtube channel. Man I love the internet!!

Check out the Reserve Channel on YouTube

* Super random, but I’ve always been a fan of Ripert ever since I heard him pronounce the word chandelier. He’s a frenchy and he has a heavy accent, and I shit you not, when he said it, if I am recalling correctly, it had 18 syllables. It was awesome.

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