@Pharrell Williams and Karolina Kurkova in Brazil : “Time Pieces” by Jason Goldwatch | @GOLDWATCH

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Dec 6, 2012

@Pharrell Williams and Karolina Kurkova in Brazil : “Time Pieces” by Jason Goldwatch | @GOLDWATCH

Jason Goldwatch is a San Francisco born and bred music video and commercial director who is a Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Decon, a creative agency and record label based in New York. “Time Pieces” are black and white, Super 8 mm, short films that focus on his personal heroes and cultural icons.

In this, the first piece in the series, Goldwatch captures a moment in the lives of Renaissance man Pharrell and model Karolina Kurkova while they were on a photo shoot in beautiful Brazil.

* Is there anyone who has a better life than Skateboard P? I mean, you can probably convince me that there are cats out there who have as good a life that him, but better? Ehhhh, not so fast. Just check out the video and that picture right there… he is doing the share the ipod headphones thing with a supermodel…. and its probably one of his songs…. and they are in Brazil. F*ing Skateboard P!

spotted on MassAppeal on YouTube

Check out the video after the jump….

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See a lot more of Jason’s work at

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