Video :: Roberto Mancini Expresses His Frustration with Mario Balotelli

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Dec 10, 2012

Video :: Roberto Mancini Expresses His Frustration with Mario Balotelli

“I love Mario as a guy and a player, but it is important for him to start to think about his job. He has everything to play well, but we wanted more from him and he cannot play like he played today. I saw players like that in my life with fantastic quality and end up with nothing, but I don’t want this for him.”

This presser, to me, proves why Roberto is one the top managers out there and it definitely shows why he one of my favorites. I think here in America we are so jaded because no one ever really gives good sound bites when it comes to post game and sit down interviews, because they are trying to remain pc, likeable and endorsement friendly.

Check out the video and the rest of my rant continued after the jump……

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It seems to me like our athletes / coaches are too worried about hurting each others feelings or being traded away that no one ever says anything real. I’m sure it has a lot to do with wages and the ridiculously high salaries that football club managers overseas get paid, but I love when these top guys just let loose and tell it like it is.

Here in America, the highest waged players ALWAYS make waaaaay more than the coach, so the coach cant say what he really feels about a player. Its always easier to get rid of a couch that makes a little than it is to get rid of a player that makes a lot…. but in high level football, if the Highest Paid Managers in Football List is believable ….then maybe a manager making £4.8m+ can say whatever he wants because his wages are right in line with most of the players and its a lot harder a decision to part ways with a manager, especially when there are a lot of players that are in the wings waiting to be the next man up.

Roberto is brutally and awesomely honest in this interview and I love it. I can only imagine the frustration he must feel watching this kid, when on a lot of levels his job depends on what frame of mind this guy shows up with everyday – I get frustrated watching Mario play while I’m sitting on my couch!

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