Giuseppe Rossi Completes Fiorentina Medical – ‘He Is Clinically Healed’

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Giuseppe Rossi completed his medical with Fiorentina on Saturday and is expected to sign for the Serie A club on Monday after being described as “a Ferrari who has been in the garage for a long time”.

The Italy international flew into Rome early on Saturday morning for a medical at the city’s Villa Stuart clinic, where his knee could be properly assessed by Italian expert Pier Paolo Mariani. Having conducted the examination, the professor spoke to Radio Blu and said he had no concerns over any long-term issues.

He said: “We needed to evaluate the stability of the knee but we have few doubts. The only problem is that Rossi is like a Ferrari who has been in the garage for a long time, almost a year, and it will take time.”

Asked when the striker will be able to return, he added: “It is hard to say as every surgeon has his own criteria to authorise a return to the field and in this case we must follow the criteria of those who did the work. Rossi will continue with visits to the US and when he gets clearance he can return to play. Fans must be patient because Rossi’s intention is to be back to his best for next season.

“There will be fear, it is inevitable but the only the pitch can help him find the confidence with which he played already. The rehabilitation process is a very complex matter. I cannot say when Rossi will be back because I have not worked on him myself. One thing that is certain, however, is that he is clinically healed.”

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