Video :: Cristiano Ronaldo Goal v Celta Vigo

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So Real Madrid go into the second leg of their Cup match with Celta Vigo trailing on aggregate. Fast forward 90 minutes, and Real Madrid comfortably dispose of Celta Vigo to advance. The story of the match will most likely be Cristiano Ronaldo bagging a hat trick, and realistically, he should have had four. That offside call was garbage.

But the best part of this game was Ronaldo’s first goal very early in the game to bring the aggregate level (actually ahead for RM as they had an away goal). Anyway – all that is not the point. The point is this goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. There are few players on the planet that can pull this off. And to be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of players with the balls to even try from this angle and distance. But CRon7 is having none of that. He does what he does.

Check the goal after the jump.

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