Manchester United First Sports Team Valued at $3 Billion

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Let the title of this post sink in for a minute. A sports team that is valued at $3 billion is just crazy. What is also crazy to think about is that the second most highly valued team in the world, the Dallas Cowboys, come in with a $2.1 billion value. That is a massive gap between the top two. According to Forbes:

“The recent increase in its stock price has pushed up Manchester United’s enterprise value (equity plus debt) to $ $3.3 billion, the highest value of any team in the world. The second most valuable sports team in the world are the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, worth $2.1 billion.”

With TV deals and sponsorship deals getting richer. And with United always gaining a bigger international following, it seems very likely that this value is only going to keep increasing. This is a pretty amazing feat for a soccer club to achieve, but in some ways is further proof of the ever growing gap between the biggest and richest clubs and the rest.

Read the full story on this at Forbes.

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