AC Milan Sporting Director Umberto Gandini Confirms Mario Balotelli Transfer Agreement w/ Manchester City via Twitter

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Whoa.  So far the reports that are coming in have Mario Balotelli signing a 4  1/2 year deal with AC Milan, but the only confirmed information from either club is Umberto Gandini’s Twitter page saying ::

‘Transfer agreement for Balotelli signed with Manchester City. Medicals tomorrow in Milan, then personal terms until 2017′.

Well played Silvio Berlusconi on the ‘He is a rotten apple and could infect every group where he goes’ quote….. Well played indeed good sir.

Oh.  And the EPL / Manchester City just got a lot less interesting… Don’t think people understand what an impact Mario Balotelli had on the curiosity side of the game both on AND off the field.  Dude brought a completely different look to the game, right or wrong.

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