Video :: Baltimore Ravens Star Ray Lewis Playing Keepy-Uppy With Manchester City Players | NFL x EPL

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via MCFC Official on youtube

Ray Lewis meets the City Squad and shows off his football skills with some kick ups!

I’m telling you, Manchester City has the best social media campaign in sports, bar none. Talk about timely, talk about being on top of things…. They are in the UK, they are the sport that is supposed to be called football, but someone over there is on the job and threw up some footage with a guy that is going to the Super Bowl this weekend here in America on their youtube page. The footage is from a few years back when Man City was stateside and played Inter Milan at the Baltimore Ravens home field. Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis, Trevor Pryce, Ed Reed and Billy Cundiff were among the American football players to chat it up and kick the ball around with Man City players.

* Side note * They might want to bring him a bigger jersey next time!

Check out the video after the jump……

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