Video – Sweden v. Argentina Pitch Invader comes to give Lionel Messi a kiss

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Sweden v Argentina pitch invader

In the 89th minute of today Sweden v. Argentina fixture, some idiot fan decided it would be a good idea to break up play and run on the field to get close to Lionel Messi…. and in reason # 34343,43434,343 why Lionel Messi is a better guy than me, when Lio this pitch invader coming at him, he didn’t buckle or brace himself or get ready to put the paws on this guy, he just chilled and let this cat do his thing.

Obviously the guy has a ton of love for Lionel Messi and just wanted to touch greatness, but I really can’t imagine anything scarier than this if you are a professional athlete. You NEVER can know what these idiots have planned and it doesn’t take long for it to go really really bad.

Pitch invading during the game is stupid. Its not cool. I wish cats would stop doing this. Have a nice night in the clink dude.

Watch the video after the jump…..

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