New signing Mario Götze wears Nike shirt as he’s presented at Bayern Munich … an adidas sponsored club

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Mario Götze nike at bayern presentation

Whoa…. Bayern Munich’s new signing Mario Götze rolled to his official Bayern Munich unveiling in a Nike T-shirt. Nice shirt. Huge logo. The only problem is that Bayern is an adidas sponsored club! Not only, are they are sponsor of the team, adidas actually owns 9% of Bayern Munich.

Oliver Brüggen, a spokesman for Adidas, made a statement: “The pictures taken at the Mario Götze press conference have surprised us, negatively. Contractually it is not allowed: this was an official function of Adidas partners Bayern.”

Bayern Munich’s spokesman Mark Hörwick also made a statement: “We have apologized to Adidas on the phone. We have promised them that such a thing will never happen again.”

Check out the video of the presentation after the jump……

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