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chandler parsons chelsea kit

You know… one of my favorite things in life is spotting random soccer gear in places that you would least expect it. I happened to be watching this “UFC Fight for the Troops” vlog that Dana White posted on the UFC youtube page and the crew happened to be in Houston Texas on tour and some of the NBA’s Houston Rockets were in the house and got some back stage access.

The video has blown up because one former Laker, current Houston Rocket, Dwight Howard makes a quick remark about how he would get in the Octogon if the money was right… looks like the price is 10 mil and he would have no problem going the three rounds. Chandler Parsons, a verrrry slept on basketball player by the way, was there too and he chimed in with the, “There is no f*cking way that I would do it, no matter what the price is!” which is funny to me… but he happened to be rocking the best kit in football too!

Check out the video after the jump….

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* Skip to the 5m mark if you wanna see Chandler and Dwight show up.

* If the #25 threw you off because there is no one on the Chelsea side that wears 25, that is Chandlers number with Houston. Its a personalized jersey.

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