New Video :: “L.E.S.” – a Short Concert film for Childish Gambino

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Jan 9, 2013

New Video :: “L.E.S.” – a Short Concert film for Childish Gambino

“A New York 9 is an everywhere else 6, time wise, the opposite goes for chicks.” – CG

via Ibra Ake on vimeo

Short concert film for Childish Gambino for the song LES. Shot over several nights in the Lower East Side.

This is undoubtedly my favorite song from Gambino in a long time and we never got a chance to see a long form visual other than the short short preview that popped up, what seems like almost a year ago. I happened to be over at big brothers site and was scrolling around and saw that there was this video for L.E.S. I’ve watched it three times before posting. Shouts out to Childish Gambino. Shouts out to the Lower East Side. Shouts out to Lower East Side girls. Shouts out to LES Girls trying to do doing the Cat Daddy. Shouts out to kissing girls while you are smoking a cigarette.

Shouts out to Complex Media.

* That is one of my favorite lyrics ever.

Check out the video after the jump…..

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